Final Project Proposal

One thing that has fascinated me since the beginning of class has been the effect that the ongoing improvement and development of prosthetics has had on society and the idea that humanity is developing control over how its physical form is manifested. That is something I would like to explore with this project. The central thesis of my project will be how the perceptions and experiences of those that both use prosthetics and come into contact with prosthetics through popular media portray a post humanist rhetoric in our society.

My rhetorical basis will mostly be in Cartesian duality and other concepts that relate to the connection between mind and body in the definition of what is human.

My methodology for this project will consist of gathering data from multiple different sources and angles and interpreting it in relation to what is observed in society and how that relates to the rhetorical basis of my thesis. I will be looking at prosthetics themselves. Which ones are on my market? Which ones are the most popular? How affordable are they? How capable are they? After this, I will look more particularly at the testimony and experiences of those that use prosthetics with regard to their position in society and the public opinions of those around them. Then I will look at the portrayal of prosthetics in contemporary cultural artifacts such as movies and video games. These different pieces of data will come in different forms including but not necessarily limited to articles, tech websites, video games, YouTube videos, etc. Finally, after considering these different societal aspects in which prosthetics are involved, I will analyze these discoveries in light of the rhetorical basis and the relation to posthumanist rhetoric.

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